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I lay with my two-year-old every night as he falls asleep, and we've started a story-and-song routine. (He reads books with my wife before bed, but he recruits me to write Little Bear fanfic tell him a story every night.) He frequently bans traditional songs, so I end up singing him any song I know all the words to. Often, this results in weirdness. Anyway, here are some of the recent songs...

cut for videos and lyrics )

While I like these, I'm looking to broaden my repetoire. Any suggestions for bedtime singing that's, you know, not Hush Little Baby? (Which I'm now required to sing as "Hush Little Crocodile," for reasons I am not clear on.)
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I have a 17 month old who hits/shoves when frustrated and who throws things, sometimes hard things, sometimes at people.

Any suggestions on curbing this behavior? He can follow simple directions like "bring your shoes to mama" and "go get your bowl" and "pick up your ball," but either doesn't understand or else ignores "no hitting," "do not hit," "do not throw," etc. Also he gets caught up in the moment.

We currently are saying "no," "no throwing/hitting," and stroking his hand while saying "remember to be gentle." Any other suggestions?
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I finally got around to writing my piece on gender, pink baby clothes, innate sex differences and how it's a really big mess waiting to happen.

I'd love it if you'd read and spread the word if you like it...

And for those parents who said they were interested in joining me to blog over there... any ideas? Send me stuff! (Believe me, I know how little time there is... this took me a full month to get written.)
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Hope you all don't mind this post... I'm the mod, so I guess I'll delete if there are objections from you guys!

[personal profile] paula_rizzuto  and I have started blogging at Modern Mama, and we're looking for some co-bloggers to join us.

We're both attachment-minded but very scientific... We've both been professionals and now she's a SAHM while I'm looking to return to work (my baby will stay with her SAHD). I have an almost six-month-old girl and she has two boys, seven months and almost 3 years old. We're looking for someone with say, a child/children in the 5-8 year old range and someone with a child/children around 10-13 and then someone with older teens. You don't have to be in Australia, although we both are. You don't have to agree with everything we say (we don't always agree with each other!). You do have to be willing to do research and back up your arguments with links to sources.

There's no pay in this as yet. However, one day, we'd like to maybe get some ethical sponsors and get some income from it. We know we have to build up audience first.

Anyone interested? Send me a sample of your writing!
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This is really interesting...and I love this woman's blog.

Here she examines possible correlation between poverty level and breastfeeding...

I have to say, whether I always agree with her or not, I love this woman's blog. (I know, I already said that. But I do.)

ITs me:)

Jun. 6th, 2009 07:17 am
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Name: Jane
Age: 24
Location: portland oregon
Occupation:soon to be student(i'll be a midwife) currently a SAHM
Kids: 2.5(almost, the 25th, yes she was a christmas morning baby)yr old
Natural birth: i did. they didnt believe it was labor, i was 2 months early, they said it was just a bladder infectionand thats why i had pains. then they finally checked and they saw blonde hair crowning. but yes, all natural, no drugs and i had such a euphoria after even with the sadness of nicu and being worried about my baby. at least i was alert for it.(she spent 6 weeks in NICU).
Breastfeeding: 2.5 yrs now. im trying to night wean but during the day im still nursing on demand.
Routines: bedtime routine yes, it helps her sleep. in the morning we also try to eat and get outside, but it all depends on the day. i dont believe in strict schedules for her age
Cloth Diapering: yes. and im potty training her now so soon ill be done with the laundry! i hope*crosses fingers*
Chemical Free: i clean with vinegar and lemon juice and baking soda and such
Elimination Communication:that would have been nice
Co-sleeping: yes and shes a bed hog!!
Crying: she rarely has melt downs. i try to cuddle and help her but i dont give in to what she wants because i want her to learn, but i do try to comfort her. i hate the crying
Baby wearing: she LOVED her sling as a preemie it really helped with breastfeeding. i wore her till she was about 1.5yrs. she doesnt like to now.
Education: we read constantly. she loves her books. i talk to her a lot so she gets the language and she speaks in sentences.
Discipline:i dont give in to her, she learns not to do certain things. i re direct her instead of yelling or being harsh. no yelling or spanking
Manifesto: i like john rosemonds idea. put marriage/self first and kids second, it makes them more independent. i still attachment parent which he doesnt agree with, but he has great ideas for potty training and sleep training. and im following The Dr. Jay Gordon Method of Nightweaning!  mostly. except for 9pm instead of 11. i think 11 is way too late for babies to sleep. i need me time so i put her to bed at nine and crawl out later. anyways my methods are a mix of what i see my extended family do and all the reading from books i do.
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'ello, I'm new here and I am roughly 19 weeks into my very first pregnancy. For a lot of reasons, I've decided to go with a different approach in raising my Spawn in comparison to how I, and my siblings, were raised. Breast feeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping and baby wearing are my central focuses/interests with an emphasis on "choice" - guided choice, but choice nonetheless. I want to be able to expose Spawn to different ideas about how relationships can work, gender identity and sexuality in a way that teaches them that no matter how they go, they'll still have respect for people who are not the same as they are. I'm adamant about not forcing Spawn into a particular religion from the get go and always being supportive of their choices.

I'm raising an individual. Not an extension of myself.

Eek, mini rant with a side of soapbox. Anyways, I'm glad to be able to find like minded people who I'll be able to discuss concerns and problems with along the way because unfortunately I don't have much in the way of support offline. At this point, I'm not sure if Spawn's father and I are going to be together when Spawn pops since we're having some serious issues (unrelated to Spawn) but we're working out a reasonable plan for custody/visitation and the like. (Just fyi, we're not married. XD But my mom has been divorced three times. I plan ahead.)

We think Spawn is going to be a boy but I'm not holding my breath over it. Gender neutral clothing FTW! (And orange IS gender nuetral. Don't let them tell you otherwise.) While at garage sales today, I picked up a cute shirt with an octopus on it and a ton of plastic covers for 50 cents so yay! On the chance that Spawn is a boy, I'm getting all of my 2 year old nephews hand me downs for Spawn so I'm definitely thrilled about that. I'm practically not having to buy a THING for Spawn unless it's newborn clothing (from yard sales) since my sister wasn't thinking and tossed my nephews 0-6 months stuff.

How's everyone doing today?
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Hiya! I'm a new Mommy with an 8 month old. My husband, daughter, and I live in Ontario Canada and love it here. We've been researching ways to live a more Green lifestyle and are slowly introducing them into our lives.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone.

I'd also like to invite anyone interested to join my community for green families. You can find it at [community profile] eco_parent.

Note: If the invitation isn't okay let me know and I'll just edit it out.

Intro post

May. 15th, 2009 12:23 pm
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Hi all!

I'm really happy to find this community, and I hope more folks join...I'm mom of two and live in Generic Minivan Materialist Suburbia outside of Chicago, IL and am trying to find a way to raise my kids to not feel like they have to fit into the same mold as the culture around us.  My journal here is sort of about my efforts to "green" our lives and kind of live in both worlds (since professionally we can't exactly pick up stakes and move to a small farm in Vermont or anything)...

Nice to meet y'all!

Intro post

May. 15th, 2009 11:36 am
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Hello. I'm Brigid and I'm 30 and recently had my first baby.

I'm getting more and more frustrated with mainstream parenting and baby sites and blogs which assume that parents have more money than sense. Most baby things are incredibly and pointlessly expensive, and awfully gendered. This looks like a good and sensible place to get away from that mind set.

I look forward to discussion on this community.
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I have a dilemma. I want to have mostly second-hand clothes for my daughter for environmental reasons but almost all the clothes available through Freecycle are sure to be girly girly pink stuff, and probably not natural fibres. So if I want to teach my daughter to be strong and that she can wear any colour she likes (and more than one colour!) and dress her in cottons and silks and other natural stuff, then it has to be new and contribute to the consumer economy. Sigh.

It's come up today because I went to the Pure Baby sale (organic cotton) where most of the girls' clothes are pink but there are some red things for girls (better than just pink but still -- ugh) and I bought a gorgeous khaki green shirt with autumn leaves on it (presumably for boys but it's lovely). They occasionally have girls' things that are less predictable -- Harper used to have a onesie in brown and pink butterflies on cream and she has a gorgeous brown and white dress from them and they have a range in caramel as their "non-gender specific" stuff. But if even the cool organic place has such predictable gender divides, what hope do I have with regifted stuff?

It's not that I'll refuse to dress her in pink -- she's already been given a few hot pink items by family, some of them quite awesome. And I did buy a white top and shorts today with pink cherry blossoms and red ladybirds (it looks quite Japanese and is lovely). But I want variety!! I don't want the whole "boys get the whole world and you get this little slice of it" to start at such an incredibly young age.

What's the solution? I *think* it's to collect the bags of regifted stuff, sort through and regift again the stuff I don't want and supplement the wardrobe with carefully chosen fairtrade clothes from Oxfam or Fairground Child and organic cotton items from other places. Ideas?

Intro post

May. 10th, 2009 09:09 pm
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I'm not that unconventional in the conventional way. I'm not gay or poly. I'm not especially into baby wearing.

But I've been seen as a bit different since I had my first child nearly 21 years ago when I was 19. My other children are 18, 16 and 3 1/2. My eldest daughter is gay.

I've always used cloth nappies (back then most people did, weird huh?), my children shared our bed because I like my sleep and I can breastfeed lying down. I have breastfed all my children until they were at least 2, some 3 1/2, because it's easier that way, I don't have to remember to bring snacks.

My childcare influences are from books I read when I was 16 - Children on the Hill and Tomorrow's Child by Juni Morosi.  I also read Summerhill.  When I was pregnant I read a book dedicated to breastfeeding, I think it was by Sheila Kitzinger, and after I had children I read The Secret of Happy Children

While I like the possibilities available from subscribing to these theories, I'm also aware that they rely quite strongly on somebody, usually the mother, subjugating her needs for the needs of the child.  That doesn't work for me.  I studied for my engineering degree while my three children were small and now I work full-time while my husband stays home with his first child.

My older children attended a Steiner School except for the middle one who needed something different.  Rose currently attends a Steiner kindergarten.  She also attends a bilingual mainstream kinder so she will meet and socialise with children from a wider community.

These days I work on the theory that a happy child is a child with happy parents.  If it makes me happy/comfortable, I'll probably do it.  OTOH I also have a better idea of the long term payoff of being a bit uncomfortable now.  Rose has a much stricter set of boundaries than her older siblings did.


May. 9th, 2009 02:13 pm
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Hi all!

I know that people have already created [community profile] attachedparents  and [community profile] babywearing  here but I have long felt the need for a more general parenting community for alternative parenting styles.

I also wanted a space that was simultaneously for parents who are alternative (non-standard families, sub-culture folks, poly, queer, living in intentional communities) as much as for parents who practice alternative styles (attachment parenting, continuum parenting, unconditional parenting, montessori). I'm also hoping we'll achieve some gender balance -- most of these kinds of communities on other fora seem lopsided female to me. Where are all the awesome Dads interested in parenting?

About me: I am a new Mum, with (currently) a 14-week-old daughter (they grow so fast!), living with my partner who plans to be a stay-at-home Dad. We're co-sleeping, babywearing, trying for as close to carbon neutral as we can get (second-hand everything and fairtrade/organic when it has to be new). We're also both poly and queer and a little kinky and unsure how to talk about that in most of the parents groups we're in in real life -- they have enough of a problem with our seemingly hippie insistence on all organic toys (how hard is it to find toys that aren't filled with polyester!?).

Here's what I've written in the journal bio:

This journal is designed to be an open forum for all styles of alternative or natural parenting. It doesn't espouse any particular style of parenting, but you're likely to encounter people practising attachment parenting, unconditional parenting, herbal remedies, co-sleeping, baby wearing and more.

As we don't prescribe any particular method, members are asked to query others' choices with care, empathy and genuine interest. Thoughtless (kneejerk, rabid) criticism, trolling, and personal insults are all causes for banning with the big ban hammer.

Please post an intro entry when you join.

Your moderator is [personal profile] inspiral_rose . I'm in the Southern hemisphere... if there are any Northern hemisphere folks who want to be a co-moderator, let me know!
Look forward to reading your stories!


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