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Hi all!

I know that people have already created [community profile] attachedparents  and [community profile] babywearing  here but I have long felt the need for a more general parenting community for alternative parenting styles.

I also wanted a space that was simultaneously for parents who are alternative (non-standard families, sub-culture folks, poly, queer, living in intentional communities) as much as for parents who practice alternative styles (attachment parenting, continuum parenting, unconditional parenting, montessori). I'm also hoping we'll achieve some gender balance -- most of these kinds of communities on other fora seem lopsided female to me. Where are all the awesome Dads interested in parenting?

About me: I am a new Mum, with (currently) a 14-week-old daughter (they grow so fast!), living with my partner who plans to be a stay-at-home Dad. We're co-sleeping, babywearing, trying for as close to carbon neutral as we can get (second-hand everything and fairtrade/organic when it has to be new). We're also both poly and queer and a little kinky and unsure how to talk about that in most of the parents groups we're in in real life -- they have enough of a problem with our seemingly hippie insistence on all organic toys (how hard is it to find toys that aren't filled with polyester!?).

Here's what I've written in the journal bio:

This journal is designed to be an open forum for all styles of alternative or natural parenting. It doesn't espouse any particular style of parenting, but you're likely to encounter people practising attachment parenting, unconditional parenting, herbal remedies, co-sleeping, baby wearing and more.

As we don't prescribe any particular method, members are asked to query others' choices with care, empathy and genuine interest. Thoughtless (kneejerk, rabid) criticism, trolling, and personal insults are all causes for banning with the big ban hammer.

Please post an intro entry when you join.

Your moderator is [personal profile] inspiral_rose . I'm in the Southern hemisphere... if there are any Northern hemisphere folks who want to be a co-moderator, let me know!
Look forward to reading your stories!


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